Posted by: cassandrabrooks | March 1, 2012

The Ocean Outdoor Theater

In fall of 2011, we finally got to field test our Ocean Outdoor Theater. Our team was contracted through the Pew Environment Group to produce a shark conservation film addressing the issue of global shark finning, the important role of sharks in the environment, and the growing movement to protect them.  This first shark film, designed to be part of a series, was focused on the Bahamas, which just passed legislation in summer of 2011 which designated their waters a shark sanctuary.

The theater, which comprises of a 24-foot wide screen, a 10,000 lumen bluray projector, and full sound system, definitely held people’s attention.  On a 24-foot screen the Tiger Sharks looked larger than life and few could deny the charisma or power of these animals. The trip was an amazing success!

We traveled to three different islands, each day packing the gear into a tiny plane, hopping to the next island, unloading the gear, then transporting it to the next site.  By the end of the trip we could set up and take down the theater in just a few hours.

Next location for promoting shark conservation with the Outdoor Ocean Theater: Micronesia!



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