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THE OCEAN SUPPORTS all life on earth, including our own. The vast majority of evidence suggests that our current ocean resource management is unsustainable and, as these vitally important ecosystems struggle to adapt to a changing climate, we must quickly address the ways in which we overexploit and damage our remaining marine resources. Every one of us has a personal stake in the fate of the ocean; in some cases the connection is so immediate that human survival depends on it.

OUR CONNECTION to the ocean is borne from primary emotional experience – a tiny blenny with its oversized eyes, peaking in and out of a hole in a brain coral, inches from your mask; the smell of salty spray as a minke whale surfaces alongside a zodiac on slack seas; fire-red sunset waves rolling up onto a beach. But the vast majority of people might never have the opportunity to witness these marvels. And without these direct experiences, the ocean is just an abstraction; the dire state of marine systems, and the multiple ways in which we are all personally tied to the ocean, remain completely unimagined.

We can’t bring people to the ocean en masse, but we can create an experience that brings the power of the ocean to them – an experience that fosters intimacy, connection, and ambassadorship.

THE LAST OCEAN PROJECT is producing a global exposé on vitally important ocean issues and places.  The project is producing content and infrastructure that

  • Connects people to the ocean and celebrates the ocean’s richness;
  • Provides the necessary background on the state of the ocean;
  • Keeps people up-to-date on ocean news;
    • Demonstrates that everyone has a personal stake in the fate of the ocean; and,
    • Empowers people by giving them access to the global conversation surrounding ocean issues.

Our primary content will include:

  • A series of short films – windows into the world of ocean issues; and,
  • An ocean news service – in-depth features on particular issues and continuously updated ocean news; and, by partnering with relevant conservation organizations,

Our primary delivery mechanisms will include:

  • The Ocean Outdoor Cinema – a touring theater that brings the power of the ocean to underserved communities; and,
  • The Ocean Channels Website – a web platform that presents our news in a powerful, elegant framework.

STAY TUNED as the project moves forward.


  1. Some very good work. Best of luck.

    Paul Lima
    Endangered Coast, ltd.

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